BR-Receipts Cloud Storage Quick Start Guide

BOR UI Figure
                                                                                        Web UI Figure

1)    Tool Bar:
a.    Reload: Click to reload the latest data from server.
b.    Delete Box: Click to delete the selected receipt box.

2)    Tree View:
If you have uploaded receipt data from different computers, select the computer where the receipt you want is located. Expand all folders in tree view and click the specific folder where the receipt you want to view is stored to view it in the Receipt List.

3)    Current Path:
Displays the name of the selected receipt box and folder.

4)    Receipts Filter:
Click this drop-down list to control which receipts are displayed in the Receipt List below. Select All, Recently Added (receipts updated in the last three days), or Unverified.

5)    Search:
Type the keyword you're looking for in the search field and click 'search' (magnifier) button to locate a specific receipt. A keyword can be a vendor name, receipt date, payment type , category and amount.

6)    Receipt List View:
The Receipt List displays the receipt records located in the selected folder. Receipt data is organized into columns. Click the title of each column to sort the data alphabetically, by date, or by dollar amount.

7)    Used Space (Maximum Space):
This field displays details about the amount of used space and the maximum space available in BR-Receipts Cloud Storage server (amount shown is for illustrative purposes only).

8)    Email:
The field displays your email information. Click the email information to view the "My Account Profile" link. Click the link to edit your Brother Online (BOL) account profile.

9)    Logout:
Click to log out of the BR-Receipts.

10)     Receipt image:
This window displays an image of the selected receipt. Click on the image to view a larger version of it in a popup window (receipt shown is for illustrative purposes only, currencies will vary by country).

11)     Help:
Click to view BR-Receipts Cloud Storage Quick Start Guide.